National Curriculum

Our National Curriculum section prepares the pupils for the National examinations while equipping them with character building principles thus ensuring Values Based Education.

Each student is allocated his/her own private “office” learning area, where he/she works his/her way through a full scope and sequence of curriculum with one- on-one individualized learning assistance.


Kindergarten (Age 2 – 6 Years)

Play is at the core of our preschool curriculum. We ensure well structured indoor, and outdoor play which is essential for this age group. Children are also subjected to periodic physical coordination development tests.

Our  Kindergarten offers a friendly learning environment with a rich blend of academic and extracurricular activities.  We ensure a sound early childhood education while teaching about the environment and culture through carefully chosen class activities.

  • Age 2-3 years (Play group)

Children learn through practical life and sensory activities which help develop independence, concentration, a sense of responsibility and social skills. They discover more about their environment as they learn about the wonders of God’s world and the reality of his love.

  • Age 3-4 years (KG 1)

Children are introduced to the sounds of the alphabet and recognition of numbers as well as control of writing tools through art & craft activities.

  • Age 4-5 year. (KG 2)

Our fun filled preschool class is designed to develop the basic skills which prepare a child for literacy and Numeracy.

Children learn through storytelling, animal songs and a variety of outdoor and indoor activities.

  • Age 5-6 years. (KG 3)

Reading, number work and writing skills are reinforced as children are prepared for primary education. Kiswahili language is also introduced at this level. Character development activities such as bible reading stories are built into the learning program.