About Us



Wima Complex Academy is a Values Based school which seeks to provide students with a quality learning environment that goes beyond an academic experience. It includes the development of students, parents /guardians and staff in promoting the Spiritual, Personal, Social, Academic and Career development of all students.

At Wima we provide all children with a safe and secure environment that encourages children to realize their full potential.  We strive to make learning an exciting and holistic experience.



Located in the serene environs of Liwatoni on the Mombasa Island, the school enjoys a quiet atmosphere and a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean.

Our Vision:

To become a center of global influence in Education bringing about positive transformation through education.

 Mission Statement

To provide quality holistic education and training to young persons from Africa and beyond for future positive living and service.

 Our Core values

  1. The centrality of Christ
  2. Character
  3. Personal responsibility
  4. Growth and personal transformation
  5. Discipline
  6. Internal Government
  7. Globalness


 Life is too precious to be left to chance.

The development of our children must be a deliberate and conscious day to day process.